True story?

And lo, that morning Joseph did rejoice the birth of someone else’s child by treating himself to a large gin and tonic just before 11 whilst Mary, so filled with happiness at popping out the saviour of the world, was already on her third bucks fizz and making her way through the twiglets. Blessed be […]

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Tra, la, la……..

I think I’ve got writers block. This is essentially constipation for the illiterate, because anyone can write. That ’50 Shades’ woman can write. Hey, not only can she write but she can earn millions of pounds from it, and make many previously prudish women look smug and aroused on a train at the same time. […]

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A change is as good as a rest.

Yesterday was my last day of work for 3 weeks. In case you ever wondered what I do for a living I empty and service the sanitary towel bin at a soup kitchen in King’s Lynn. It’s surprisingly taxing and more than a little stressful, so I’ve decided I needed a nice break to get […]

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The art of awareness.

A lot of things these days have ‘ness’ added to them. Clamping a big meaningful ‘ness’ to the end of words gives them gravitas and depth and means that those who possess traits ending in ‘ness’ are automatically better people. Better than you and much better than me. You can’t just be thoughtful anymore, you […]

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