70’s Rule.

A (welcome?) diversion from the usual, because I have to be positive about something. I started this as a little indulgence on my favourite albums of all time. Then I realised that almost all of them were from the 70’s. Then I went to the shops for some ridiculous curry ingredients we’ll only use once […]

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Channel Tunnel Vision.

It’s probably just me. I would have thought most people have meaningful things to do with their lives rather than sit whinging at the TV like a simpleton recreating ‘Gogglebox’ without the cameras. Normally ITV would occupy the bottom spot on my list of crappiest big TV channels but recently they have somehow managed to […]

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Floater in a tin can.

Do you believe in second chances? Generally I don’t think much of them, unless I’m on the receiving end, in which case I should be forgiven far more often. I only mention this because a second chance was offered to me on a plate today and if you’re reading this then you are quite literally […]

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I get knocked down. Good.

One of the great frailties of the mind is the subconscious ability to pick up on a tune from nowhere and then run it round your head a million times until it’s marginally less enjoyable than being water boarded. With piss. It doesn’t even matter if it’s an absolute belter of a tune, sooner or […]

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