Anti- semantics.

There’s a big wet slap of a crisis splattered across the news about anti-Semitism just about right now. I’ll say one thing for the anti-Semites. They’re fucking idiots. And I’ll say one thing for the Semites too. They’re fucking idiots. While I’m at it I’ll say one thing for myself as well. I’m a fucking […]

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Are you updated?

Writers block again. Two weeks since last effort. I’ve joined Facebook as a pretend person, which may account for lack of creative erection. Here’s my sad little world. Up until this morning homemade Pina Coladas are a brilliant idea and make a nice change from a glass or two of wine. As of this morning […]

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It’s not news.

Just a quickie really, to cast a little light on the kind of shit we get in the news. Well on the BBC News website anyway. The Pope has taken 12 Syrian refugees back to the Vatican following a visit to a camp on the island of Lesbos. Well done him, give him a pat […]

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Urgh! I’ve spent so much time and energy prattling on about my questionable taste in music that I’ve forgotten what this place was supposed to be all about. To turn the tide back I want to talk about the magical world of Transgenderism (Is that a word yet, is it in the Oxford Dictionary yet? […]

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Weren’t they just groovy.

The 60’s seem very dated. Even Sean Connery couldn’t rescue how dated they look now. That’s because they happened lots of years ago, I know that, but I’ve always wondered if all those newsreels of people being hip and swinging and psychedelic and groovy baby really reflected society at large. Of course they didn’t, any […]

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Little Miss Fluffy Knickers.

There’s an April shower going on outside. I know this because I’ve just been caught up in it. I popped out to the local Co-op to get eggs and Fairy Liquid, to make what will be a pretty adventurous omelette. Sadly the rain outside is not my main worry. It’s drizzling a little bit in […]

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The f***ing naughties.

It was never going to go my way. One the main reasons I was in favour of complete global collapse on New Year’s Eve 1999 was so that we could have avoided referring to the next decade as the noughties, like a bunch of giggling simpleton pricks. I’m not even that keen on people (particularly […]

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Like I could give a brit(pop).

Aaahhh, the 90’s, weren’t they just great? Well, for lots of reason no, but let’s keep focused. My 90’s were pretty good overall, as long as I keep the multitude of embarrassing bits locked away deep down inside. It was this flashy decade that saw Britain really become GREAT again wasn’t it? What with everyone […]

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Greaty 80’s

Forgive the title. It came up with it. I’ve had it for years. I bought it second hand but never bothered to give it a proper go, which is why this morning, as I went about my research, I put on ‘Sulk’ by The Associates. Not half bad really and I never knew they did […]

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