A moment on the lips.

Yesterday was, I am reliably informed, our ‘kissaversary’. That’s right, 7 years ago yesterday my future wife and I had our first nervous, awkward kiss. Probably. This is precisely the kind of event that, generally speaking, women are very good at remembering and men just don’t bother trying to. What I can tell you is […]

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You were always…

Facebook keeps asking me what’s on my mind so, since I have a few minutes, here goes. That photo of a dad with his son, in the shower. That photo has ‘sparked debate’, primarily between people who think it’s ‘beautiful’ and ‘touching’ and people who think it’s ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unsettling’. In fact most ‘people’ have […]

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Murder. Just murder.

Five minutes ago you would have found me wearing a long, black, curly wig and pouting at the mirror. It wasn’t my intention to look like a total twat, it never is, but it’s a sacrifice I will have to make for the gods of murder mystery. That’s where we’re heading tonight. To Romford. For […]

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Facebook Fever

Oh boy is it starting to heat up on the Facebook front. In just 2 weeks or something I have acquired at least 5 friends. It might not sound much but they are at least friends and not ‘friends’. I’ve sent out a few more requests but I’ve realised it’s quite tricky because I’m trying […]

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Green with nausea.

We’ve just returned from lunch with my sister, her partner and Mum and Dad to raise a small glass in recognition of Mum’s birthday. We ate at Prezzo’s in St Neots. It’s hard to believe that before Prezzo’s opened up the cultural highlight of St Neots was Superdrug. Oh, how times have changed. Anyway, I […]

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