Proper Fuxed.

Well that didn’t work out too well did it? Unless you’re a 51.9%er. As if my Thursday hadn’t been bad enough I had to look at my phone on Friday morning to find we’d pulled out of the EU, like a dog pulling out of a gorilla. Maybe it was always meant to be and […]

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As I drove to work this morning in the pissing, pissing, pissing, relentless, bastard, pissing rain I passed a big purple sign saying ‘We want our country back….vote leave’. My first thought was ‘wankers’ (not the voters, the campaigners). My second thought was, again, ‘wankers’(not the voters, the campaigners) . My third thought was ‘well, […]

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We was robbed.

Gosh, wasn’t it unbearable?! Ooohhh, the tension. Will they get to the end? Will they finish the job? Can England’s finest go the distance in France? In the end neither Peter Crouch or Ian Wright did manage to string together a coherent sentence between them but by jingo did they try. Last night was depressing […]

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