intu the void

If there’s a heaven then there must be a hell. I’m still waiting for proof of either but I know hell on earth can’t be far off Watford High Street. If I could have avoided it yesterday morning I would have, but I couldn’t, so I didn’t. If you’ve never been to Watford you should […]

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40 something or other.

I’ve just turned 40 so, in the absence of anything better to write about here’s 40 generally rubbish things about the last 40 years. If you’ve not got there yet it feels great turning 40 and creeping another year closer to death. 1. People. People have got worse. They don’t give a shit about other people, even when […]

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The Intergalactics.

If intergalactic alien twats landed tomorrow morning hoping to locate and adopt a new leader that was also an intergalactic twat they would be spoilt for choice. Or would they? What might these aliens say? ‘Mmmm, your Mr Cameron, he was a leader but he was also a bit rubbish and now that he’s shitted […]

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