On wellbeing.

I was canoodling with the internet this afternoon, desperately trying to find something stupid, when I stumbled on a list called ’10 steps to wellbeing’ as recommended by a group called ESPA. ESPA are desperate for you to be happy. For all of us to be happy. For us float through life on a big fluffy […]

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Potty for pottery.

This morning we attended the 22nd Art In Clay ‘event’ in Hatfield. Not in the centre of Hatfield, because that’s a shithole and this would be like holding a Tupperware party in a sex dungeon. This was on the grounds of Hatfield House and I’m really, really struggling to work out how I ever agreed […]

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Just testing the water.

It’s not been as easy as I had hoped. I’ve left it too long. It’s not as if there’s been nothing going on to write about, it’s just that I haven’t been able to pull everything together into one nice, underwhelming, moany dribble and to be honest even this is just a last ditch attempt to find […]

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