The Un-brightest Star.

You know the news isn’t all about doom and gloom. Every once in a while old Huw Edwards might end the news with a smile and a story about a kid who’s fought against the odds and raised and trained a wild hyena as a pet, or a story about how Piers Morgan has vanished off […]

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Halloween 2.

Halloween is coming. Again. I wrote something about Halloween last year (do take a look) and in case you are utterly incapable of sensing the tone of this blog it should come as no surprise that I do not like Halloween. Unless plans change next week ‘the wife’ will be out on Halloween night which […]

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That Sporting Life. Round 1.

Ahhh, sporting autobiographies, aren’t they great? They’re all oozing out for Christmas and without them words wouldn’t have a place to crawl into and die. Yesterday I dashed into Waterstones (a miracle that they still exist, a jolly good miracle, shame HMV couldn’t hold out) just to have a little mooch and get some ideas […]

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Honestly officer………….

There’s been a lot about clowns in the news recently. I should point out (as if it were necessary) that I hate clowns. Not because they’re scary but because they’re pointless. Like wasps and The Lighthouse Family, they serve no real purpose and so in the next few paragraphs I intend to prove this AND […]

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Plain ordinary.

Did you think I’d died? Or maybe had my hands obliterated in some bizarre cushion-arranging mishap? Well neither of those things have happened and nor have I been sneakily storing up writing, like a squirrel on amphetamines. I’ve just been very lazy and also quite busy with other things. Actually, scrap the busy bit, I’ve […]

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