Yule never tide me over.

This is turning out to be a funny Christmas. Not funny ha-ha, not even remotely close – I haven’t laughed out loud, out of breath, stomach hurts, for quite a few consecutive days and that’s because the spirit of Christmas in our house is away at the moment and ‘the cat’, frankly, just couldn’t give […]

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Sweet Child O’Mine

I’ve tried to not swear for this but I can’t help a little burst. I cannot emphasise enough how sorry I feel for anyone who has had or has cancer. This is not about cancer. This is about stupidity. I remember being rather annoyed when this story kicked off a while ago. Then I forgot […]

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At the end of the day………

Back on the writing wagon, mojo inconsistent as ever, but here’s a go. Oh good, Christmas is coming. I remember a time when I used to love Christmas and though it would be easy to fill a word count with the historical clichés of a childhood Christmas I’m instead actually being deflected towards other people’s […]

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