We’re gonna need a bigger vote.

Oh God. Of all the things that we don’t need right now surely another national vote is at the top of the list. We’d actually be better off with another huge outbreak of foot and mouth. Or a petrol strike. Or a Spanish Flu epidemic. If recent history has proved anything about the political instincts […]

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Bog standard.

Where was I? Oh yes, Bob Dylan. I’m going to use him and some other bits to prove that culture just isn’t pulling its weight anymore. I had some great things I wanted to say about Bob Dylan yesterday and now I’ve forgotten most of them. I was also going to compare him to Ed […]

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The Wrong Good Friday.

As you must have expected I’m not going to spend my Good Friday watching church services followed by some lame biblical epic from the early 60’s with Charlton Heston as God and Tony Curtis as Jesus and Sidney Poitier as Pontius Pilate. With Marilyn Monroe as the Virgin Mary. And so on. If they still made films […]

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Christos aneste! Apparently.

At no point in history, or at least since AD 33 (give or take), has Easter been less relevant. That’s my assertion anyway. People may be griping about other people using religion as a weapon these days but let’s not forget that religion has always been used, in most cases as first port of call, as a weapon since […]

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You call this work?

I’ve been distracted recently. Things have been busy, my mother-in-law is staying with us and I’ve just embarked on a journalism course which even in its infancy is turning out to be a lot more hard work than I’d bargained for. Even harder work than my mother-in-law staying with us. It’s especially tricky (the course) […]

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