A Field Full of Shit.

Since I last posted something all kinds of rubbish things have happened and I’m afraid that’s all we have to sift through for news – a big smouldering pile of rubbish that no-one wants to admit to and no-one wants to clean up. And I think that’s a bit of a shame. I’m also getting […]

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On yaughting. Or yotting.

I’ve had a sudden itch to write about something. Yachting. In fact just recreational sailing of any kind really. People who don’t earn a living from being on the water yet go on about a life on the water and how it’s all that. The reason my ear is occupied with a flea about this […]

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A field full of hats.

This is going to sound very snobby and judgemental but if it saves you from making a bad decision then eventually you’ll thank me. Until very recently I had only associated Hatfield with Hatfield House; a big old Tudory place off the A1. I vaguely recall going round it on a school day trip though […]

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Roger, Roger. Over and out.

The other week (no not that one, the other one) I was sad about the passing of Powers Boothe, a criminally underrated actor and very cool guy. I hope 2017 isn’t going to do for actors what 2016 did to musicians which is ruthlessly scythe them down before they have a chance to say goodbye […]

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