Try thinking it through first.

I don’t really have any rules for writing on this site. If I do then I’m not sure what they are. What would be the point? So few people read it that it doesn’t make much sense to put all my effort into saying something that hardly anyone will see to disagree with. But……….there is, […]

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You may as well flip a coin.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I think about Charlie Gard, but then I came to realise very recently that it’s not all about Charlie Gard at all. It’s really all about everyone else. You might say I’ve got no right to have an opinion on Charlie Gard anyway, though the fact he’s been headline news […]

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The most important news today.

Is there much point left to the royal family? Not that I think we should get rid of them but I wouldn’t mind at all if I never heard another word about them. I don’t care that William and Kate have been on a ‘charm offensive’ in Europe. I don’t care what Charles thinks about […]

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Post 101. Appropriately.

It is very probably a sign that music and particularly rock and roll has reached the end of the line. ‘Wall of Glass’ by Liam Gallagher is a song that a 7 year old would be disappointed with. I expect Liam is very proud of it and no doubt he can sniff the success that […]

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A bit like Julian Assange.

I’m on a roll! 4 posts in 4 days. Take a load of that Catherine Cookson (if you’re still alive). Yesterday I thought it would be improper not to offer some balanced, fair comments about some of the people that the BBC have a lot of time and money for. Blowhole types like Jeremy Vine […]

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T.F.I Payday.

In case you had any doubts I can confirm that Chris Evans has no shame. None whatsoever. But why should he? It’s clear that he is the ‘top talent’ that the BBC want and his tireless efforts to drive me to suicide should be applauded across the land. You see, if you are bestowed with […]

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All by my lonesome.

Oh bloody hell, I’ve got to do another one! Right then, timer set etc. On the motorway this morning I passed an Eddie Stobart lorry and realised I’d got the name wrong, so please accept an official apology. At roughly the same time the radio re-tuned itself to Radio 2 and I was informed that […]

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15 minutes of nothing.

If you ever look at the dates on these posts you’ll have noticed I haven’t written a lot recently. It’s because I am lazy and so I have decided to give myself a jump start. This involves ‘ring fencing’ (yes, I know it’s a term only regularly used by tossers) 15 minutes to splat down […]

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