“Sure have a nose for sh*t.”

Who’s the best director of all time? You could chuck out a few names, and we’d all have a few crossovers. Scorsese would be a good start, he has flair, style, and great taste in music. Spielberg is a craftsman and made ‘Jaws’, one of the very finest films ever, but he’s also liable to […]

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It must be nearly September because we’re gearing up for the autumn run towards another bloody Christmas. I don’t want to think about the silly season just yet so I’ll concentrate instead on 135 minutes of last night’s TV. More accurately about 110 minutes, if you take out those nasty, horrible commercial breaks. If The […]

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Which one was he?

It’s easy to get confused with names. You could be talking about one person to someone else who could have a completely different idea in their head. All it takes is a different spelling and ignorance. I’m sure we’ve all done it and no-where is it more common than in those frequent occasions when discussing David Guetta, […]

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Breaking a sweat.

I’ve just had a meeting with a nurse. She was a big, cheerful Ghanian lady who’s job description I concluded must be to tell you off about your health while smiling a lot and occasionally blasting out one of those brilliant, massive belly laughs that you only get from certain people from certain places in […]

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Wasn’t he in Eastenders?

I’ve had some time off lately. It seems that being a paranoid schizophrenic does not always lend itself to a career caring for baby pandas. Whenever I have some time off ‘the wife’ usually finds a few jobs for me to get on with. I’m not moaning because she doesn’t make some daft long list […]

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Didn’t he do well?

RIP Bruce Forsyth. Nice chap, I imagine and had a bloody good innings. I know that some of you may think I’m being harsh but I’ll say this anyway. I wasn’t a big fan of Bruce Forsyth. In fact I wasn’t a fan at all and I can honestly say he gave me next to […]

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Guitar heaven.

Today I’d like to talk about music. On a whim. It’s one of those posts that’s not really about stupidity at all. Specifically I’d like to write about guitars and specifically, specifically I’d like to nominate 10 of my favourite guitar moments in all of music. If you’re not that in to this kind of […]

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Sleep tight.

This morning I went to M&S and, as seems to be a regular thing these days, there was a representative trying to shove a promotional product down as many throats as possible. Today’s innovative thing you simply must have was a night face cream and it’s USP was that it could make you look like […]

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