On Highway Maintenance.

Let’s talk stupid. Stupid is ‘Highway Maintenance’. What exactly is the point of ‘Highway Maintenance’? Of the dozens of ‘Highway Maintenance’ vehicles you might see every single day how many of them are actually helping to maintain the highway? Almost every single one I ever see is driving in front of me far slower than […]

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What the f*ck!!

What costs £200 million and dribbles for a living? The answer, apparently, is the Brazilian footballer Neymar. Like a lot of Brazilian footballers Neymar is known only by one name, putting him in the special company of the ‘one-namers’ – chiefly other Brazilian footballers and pretentious musicians like Bono, Sting and, er, Lemar. Now, before […]

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The skin you’re in.

Tattoos are, by and large, as a rule, and generally speaking a complete waste of time and money. At least that’s what I think. We seem to be in the thick of a golden age of tattoos. A crappy tattoo renaissance if you will. If I had invested in a chain of tattoo parlours 20 […]

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Farewell sweet ass.

Time to freshen up a little bit I think, hence the clinical new format and a fond wave goodbye to little donkey. I should mention (possibly re-mention, I can’t remember) that the donkey picture was taken in Northern Cyprus a few years ago, just after a big hoo-ha with ‘the wife to be’. A long […]

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