The Banality Of It All.

What annoys me most about the punk movement is not the stupid attire, the poorly aimed aggression and the empty, worthless polemic but the insistence from old punk rockers that punk changed everything. It didn’t. There was bad music before, during and after punk and if anything punk just made a lot more people seem happy […]

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A touch too much.

I’ve just popped into the local Co-Op to pick up a few bits that may well have looked suspiciously like crisps and wine. The fact I was on my way back from the gym tells you a great deal about me. As I queued up I started to realise my ears were bleeding and I […]

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Piss and biscuits.

I spent quite a bit of time in a care home recently. If you haven’t seen me of late then don’t worry, my mental and physical health hasn’t taken THAT much of a precipitous downturn that residency in a care home would be the most obvious option. Yet. No, I was visiting my mother in […]

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Kitten update.

A little ditty. Nothing special. If anything a harmless love letter. As I write this my lap is home to more than a computer. Between the electronic device and a gut that has ballooned slightly after a grim 5 days observing dementia in action in Dundee sits a very quiet little kitten. Just to fill […]

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What a life!

Sometimes I wish I could be a cartel member. What a life that must be. Imagine a life where your every waking hour is spent in the numb pursuit of supplying drugs. More realistically I expect most cartel members have relatively little to do with supplying drugs and much more to do with all the […]

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Last Chance Harvey.

Oh dear. Oh deary, deary me. We’ve seen some spectacular falls from grace in the spotless world of entertainment but this is notable just as much for its velocity as its magnitude. Until last week Harvey Weinstein was just an oily, grasping Hollywood mogul who came across as a good candidate for chief adviser to […]

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Because someone created bullsh*t.

Ah, ‘The Apprentice’. Don’t you just love it? I do. In fact of all the mildly addictive reality/competition/life wasting programmes on the telly it’s almost certainly my favourite. I can’t be bothered with baking enough to truly like ‘GBBO’ and I wouldn’t touch any of it’s derivatives with a barge pole (that sewing sh*t springs […]

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