Day of the month.

At first I was going to write a very witty post about a day in the life of an American teacher which cleverly incorporated a mass shooting and then went on to dissect the stupidity of American gun laws and the awesome levels of bastardy that consumes every fibre of every member of the National […]

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If you told me I never had to go to Dundee again I would take the chalice, drink deeply, praise the lord god almighty and deliver myself into his embrace. I’d probably kiss the Pope’s ring as well. If you told me that I could live my life again and never have to go to […]

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News? Worthy?

One post in January. One limp,┬ádiabetic post and that’s all I have to give account of myself in the last 31 days. You know things are getting rough when you have to float a piece of writing on something as perilously fragile as Nick Knowles’ career. He’s the entertainment equivalent of Theresa May, a creature […]

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