What a life # 2.

The second installment in an intermittent series of powerful, ignorant insights into the daily grind of some of the heroes that hold our lives together. A few months ago we had the drug cartel member and now, following almost no research, we have the life of someone who drives a coach; arguably one of the […]

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Who’s next?

The coincidence is all true. Shame.   5.53am Wednesday 14th March 2018.   If the theory that things happen in 3’s is true (which it rarely is, unless World war III is really soon) then surely there is one more big British name left to be toppled before the end of the week. It’s like […]

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Define blaze. Define glory.

This week a man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for being a bit of a prick. Personally I’d altogether forgotten the whole thing but it came back to me on the radio yesterday. You may faintly recall that last year there was an ‘incident’ at a bowling alley in Nuneaton. The fact there […]

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Only one thing has happened this week and that’s been the weather. A tabloid newspaper (take your pick) always predicts a icy spell just when we least expect it and usually they prove to be thoroughly wrong. But this time, rather refreshingly, all the weather bods were spot on. Along came a shit load of […]

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