It could be worse.

I was woken early this morning. Not earlier than usual but early enough to make a day off morning seem a bit sudden. I had been up on a cliff edge I think, and part way through abseiling down. The chap at the top was from work and I was anxious, not because I was […]

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It’s Only Rock and Roll.

Adding it all up I reckon it came to about 400 quid. Or rather that’s my lower estimate because I haven’t really added it up properly at all. I’ve just guessed. At least half of that went on the tickets which, with criminal fees and booking insurance and all the extra nonsense set me back […]

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Bride and Prejudice.

Which is also the name of a Bollywood film. Apparently. You know what? I was wrong about the royal wedding. Harry and Meghan are alright and I hope they’re very happy and of course they can invite anyone they please. It might be royal, but it’s still their wedding. It should be the happiest day […]

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The state of my nation.

As I approach the end of my 42nd year on earth it feels important to take a little stock and assess how life has treated me. Or maybe a better angle would be how I’ve treated myself. Given recent events and revelations, as well as accompanying thoughts and conversations of the deepest treacle black, it […]

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