Piled high.

Corfu is a beautiful island. Well, some of it is. It is beautiful in that battered kind of island way. Corfu right now isn’t so much sun kissed as sun humped roughly from behind by a couple of swarthy fisherman. The beaches and the heat are all fine but you wouldn’t need more than a […]

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3 weeks. Where did they go? Never mind, I’m starting to relax a bit and soak up the sun in Corfu. Before I came here I don’t think I could have told you anything about Corfu, certainly nothing reliable. To be honest I wasn’t really sure where it was and if you know what I […]

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What stupid looks like in Thailand.

Coach (excitedly): “Come on lads, this is the last training exercise, I promise. It’s just a dangerous cave complex, nothing could possibly go wrong.” Child 1 (apprehensively): “But coach, I don’t really like caves, they’re dark and spooky and we don’t have even the simplest of basic safety equipment.” Coach (dismissively): “Oh don’t worry about […]

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The benefits of porridge.

It occurred to me yesterday when I was ranting about the rapper XXXShotdeadinhiscar# that perhaps I was being a bit mean. So once I’d posted I took another look at his rap sheet (pun intended) and quite reasonably decided that I had made a good point. In doing all that it also dawned on me […]

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