Tinkling away.

When we went up north with Lorraine and Pascale we popped into an HMV and amongst the albums I came out with was Soul Mining by The The. My first ever The The album. What took me so long? Sitting outside with a drink later on Pascale filled me in a little on The The […]

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This smells off.

It must have been hard for Donald Russell at school. All that Maths and English and Science and stinky Geography. After all, such academic pursuits would have been almost irrelevant given what wee Donald was day dreaming about as he most likely stared out across the playground to the rain lashed heather and thistles beyond. […]

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Dare to dream.

Last night I had a dream where I was walking up a really steep hill lined with expensive but tasteless houses. When I got to the top there was a kind of piazza and I noticed a restaurant/cafĂ© style place that looked interesting. It turns out it was owned by BeyoncĂ© and Kanye West, which […]

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