Is there no end to him?

Chris Evans is a seemingly unstoppable force of annoyance. He is an usually high pollen count to an allergy riddled child. A cheap wool scarf wrapped too tight on a hot day. An ingrowing hair on the inner thigh, just below the genitals. He is an itch that cannot be scratched and a foul smelling, […]

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The point?

Aimless and cross-purposed. Futile and almost unreadable. As good as can be given the circumstances and time allowance. Punctuationally flawed. If that’s a word. People can generally be divided into 2 types: those who laugh at, and those who don’t laugh at, other people’s misfortunes. There is a misconception that people who find other people […]

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A word on Burt.

Hello and welcome to September. I realise I had foolishly promised to fill you in on some more special days to recognise in August but I never got round to it. That’s the kind of service you get here – second rate and unreliable. One thing you could rely on though, certainly according to Alan […]

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