Know him by his name.

Kevin Costner reckoned the best actor he ever worked with was Gene Hackman. He also said the biggest star he ever worked with was Sean Connery. He’s got good taste and both those chaps are living legends but, alas, neither have done a scrap of work for years. Ask me if I prefer Hackman or […]

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One more stupider.

Cautionary note: in a stale attempt to be informative, poignant and witty all at once I have made the error of waging war on three fronts and, just as history teaches us, failed to succeed on any of them. It’s been nearly 3 weeks. I’m getting sloppy. No, correction: I am sloppy. I’m getting sloppier. […]

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Nothing like a good song.

Classical music, I am ashamed to say, has never particularly been my bag. It’s not that certain pieces don’t rouse me (I don’t have the time or energy to prove myself with specifics) it’s just that the format tends to lean towards those with enough attention span to endure it, let alone adore it. As […]

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