They don’t even sell plums.

So today we are having our boiler replaced. I cannot ever remember having a rosy relationship with a boiler. From the moment I first lived away from home the boilers in my life have been, to put it mildly, shit. When I bought my first flat the boiler there would tick over for ages before […]

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A bit more on reality.

Watching reality TV is just a thing. It is a sponge for some of my hard earned time and shifting attention. It is relentless, almost as relentless as my desire to be filled with nothing for an hour or so every night. Reality TV is a fat slice of white bread: stodgy and bland and […]

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Sugar and…….

It can’t be for the money. Except for Mel B. And she surely can’t be short of a few bob. So I don’t really get the point. The Spice Girls may have been bigger than sliced bread and cocaine for a couple of years but the announcement of their re-union (again) hasn’t filled me with […]

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Call me by my silly name.

Call me Mary. I know I’ve just nicked that from the start of Moby Dick. To be honest I never really got past the first line. But then I am a cat, what do you expect? Him has cloaked my true identity for too long. It is time to reveal myself to the world. No, […]

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