I’m certainly not to blame.

I could have easily started with an update on my funeral music, now that I’ve had some time to mull things over (fast approaching pun material intended), but that will have to wait for now. You see the most pressing thing in my life at the moment is Christmas. But I don’t necessarily mean that […]

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Songs to die (be)for(e).

I go to the gym quite a lot these days. Not quite obsessive a lot but certainly more than I used to. Besides being the only truly effective hangover cure exercise gives me a chance to switch off and wallow in my own dark thoughts. The gym is not the planet around which my entire […]

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Let it all out, G.B.

I’ll be honest with you; I’m not in a good mood. My usual optimism (?) has been spread far too thin recently and today I feel like I’ve been tipped over the edge. The last month or so has been a string of unfortunate events: car problems, work problems, boiler problems (and therefore money problems) […]

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