The Eagle Had Landed. Allegedly.

Marriage can be a funny thing. Sunday mornings should be sacred, only not necessarily in a religious way. This Sunday just gone (which is when I started this) I was woken early because ‘the wife’ was off to see her mother. I have to go with her once in a while, an experience which frequently […]

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For the love of John Cale.

Shortly after writing about my funeral songs t’other day I headed back to the gym and within 20 minutes I realised I had missed some obvious choices that would have worked brilliantly. I say would, I’m still alive, so what I really mean is that they will work brilliantly. A good example would be ‘Someone’s […]

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A mild digression.

New Year’s resolutions are, by and large, utterly futile. I can’t recall any that I’ve made that have crawled beyond January and that’s not just because I have all the willpower of a lady with substantial bones in a cake shop. Hey, it’s the 21st century – it could just as well be a bloke. […]

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Peeling away to 2019.

A New Year quickie. A palette cleanser. An opening salvo to a year that doesn’t look to promise very much. Don’t thank me now, you haven’t read it yet. I know what you’re thinking. How on earth am I going to make 2019 a good year for my skin? Obviously you don’t care about my […]

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