Mum’s the word.

Last night I had a great idea for something to write about and then ‘the wife’ asked me something or other and I completely forgot the idea. Shame really because at the time it felt like an absolute belter – it was a simple concept, I’m sure of that, but it seemed like it had […]

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I’m probably being too mean.

A few years ago, when I started this award winning site, one of my very first efforts was a lengthy, some might say bloated, piece about the then fad for the fantastically shit ‘ice bucket challenge’ which went on to discuss the general failing of big charity organisations. It should come as no surprise when […]

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Smooth Criminal.

Ask me anything you want about Michael Jackson. Anything at all. Was he weird? Yes, he was in another galaxy completely, not a good galaxy I hasten to add. Indeed I would say there is a whole other universe populated by him and anyone who thinks he is the greatest gift that entertainment has given […]

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Stupidity aHoy.

I don’t remember the colour but I can sort of remember riding a tricycle when I was very young. The tricycle was eventually replaced with a normal little bicycle, but with stabilisers attached, and I can remember being rather attached to the idea of a bike with stabilisers attached. Then I can remember being on […]

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50 Shades of Grayling.

It is little wonder that we are sinking into ever deeper levels of shit when we have people like Chris Grayling in a position of political power. Some politicians are plain awful: think Corbyn, Johnson, Gove – pompous, ineffective, barely good enough to call wankers on their best day. Some are clearly well past their […]

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