Do or DIY.

If the mark of a man is to be handy then I am no man at all. If we talk pure hypothetical and I advertised myself as a handyman and you called me and showed me all the work you needed doing and left me to it for a day then at the end of […]

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To be perfectly honest I was going to give my annual Easter message a miss this year. They never seem to do much good. However, last weekend I found my hand being filled by a small leaflet explaining, with the help of a multitude of biblical evidence that “GOD IS SPEAKING through HIS SON Jesus Christ […]


Shoot, shoot. Bang, bang.

I’m trying to work on something for a competition at the moment, but I’m struggling to find the suitable levels of inspiration. Sometimes you have to know what you want to say and unfortunately I’m still not sure what I want to say, which is a distinct disadvantage. So here’s a load of crap about […]

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