No choice at all.

Yesterday, or was it the day before, I was shocked, yet thrilled to the core, to learn that the ever growing list of Tory leadership candidates would be joined by Mark Harper. Brilliant I thought to myself, he’s just the kind of young (ish), hard working, driven politician we need running this country; surely if […]

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Not so sweet home.

Includes disturbing words and stuff. Just so you know.   You have to worry about humankind sometimes. We try to project ourselves as some kind of super species and yet we are capable of burning up every ounce of potential we have in selected moments of utter backwardness. Take, for instance, the ruling in Alabama […]

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Adventures in Norn Iron.

I wonder how many people under the age of, say 21 would have a clue what you were on about if you asked them about ‘The Troubles’. For the past 21 years Northern Ireland has enjoyed (not really enjoyed but it’s better than what came before it) a supremely delicate peace, a peace in the […]

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Oh Danny. Oh Boy.

A few days ago I finally got round to watching the latest ‘Avengers film’ and I won’t feel embarrassed when I say it was very good and very satisfying and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I may be a snob when it comes to certain corners of our cultural box but I’m not sorry to admit […]

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