No sporting chance.

I have an Antipodean work colleague, let’s call him Jasper Ricketts, who I have recently allowed into the inner sanctum that is I don’t really want this site to have an inner sanctum, I’d like the whole world to read it but then it wouldn’t be so nice if people started pelting me with […]

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The trappings of tourism.

I’ve scurried inside. The sun must have crept up a bit closer in the night and hid behind a Renault Megane around the corner because outside it’s positively in your face and ten minutes was enough because I just want a morning off slapping sun lotion everywhere. So I’m in the hotel lobby listening to […]

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Big city blues.

Barcelona is a big place. Bigger than I thought and it serves very well the fundamental rule of tourist mistakes (of which ‘the wife’ and I have committed almost all you could suggest) that cities should never be tackled in the heat. As I understand it Britain almost exploded on Thursday with temperature records ‘tumbling’ […]

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Oh I do like to be…

Some holiday ramblings. Take ’em or leave ’em. So here we are, Lloret De Mar, Floret De Mard, Grande Plaige De La Plume De Ma Tante. It’s not even French but France isn’t too far away: a sickly sweat fest on the Med with as much to recommend it as to send you sprinting with […]

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Universal boredom.

Apparently Lewis Hamilton is not a happy man. He’s complained about the fact that this Sunday sees a clash of sporting events – The Cricket World Cup, The Wimbledon men’s final and The British Grand Prix. I expect he wants to look like he’s championing the sporting viewer but in reality he just wants as […]

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Ever decreasing.

This is what condensation looks like. Sitting in a room looking around at the condensation of a life. A life whittled down to the barest bones, you’d think, but really there could and will be a bit more whittling to be had. Though that would be a new level of ruthless. The day will come, […]

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Depends how you look at it.

We live in a golden age of TV. We must do because that’s what we’re always being told. This is ground breaking television, that’s a feast for the senses, the other’s the best programme ever. Trust me when I say that the best programme ever is never ever the best programme ever. Never, never, ever, […]

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What it says on the tin.

I wouldn’t say I’ve had writer’s block but I do have to admit I ain’t wrote much or nuffink lately. The last thing I posted was written a few months prior and, since you ask, it definitely didn’t win that competition. That honour went to some magnolia puddle called Kitty and, since you also ask, her […]

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