And here’s to you, Mrs……..

I’m always getting confused, and there are just too many people out there to do all the confusing. For instance just how many famous Robinsons are there these days!? You’re spot on: too darn many. First there’s, er, The Swiss Family Robinson. And then there’s the Robinson who brought us Robinson’s Barley Water;  a beverage […]

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A day in the life of the gym.

A gym can be a very busy place, filled with lots of people who are either also being busy, pretending to be busy or not being busy at all. A gym succeeds almost as well as a shopping centre in bringing together nearly all forms of human life, social types and groups that normally wouldn’t […]

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Toy Story Flaw.

Last night we went to see Toy Story 4 at our local middle class restored art deco cinema. Most middle class towns have one of them these days. If you don’t then you must be working class scum. We decided to taxi it and shared a bottle of wine and had a few snacks and […]

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Too much of too much.

I’ve just taken my car through the wash. You don’t see many people wash their own cars these days, with a bucket and sponge, on bright Sunday mornings, little rivulets of soapy water trickling down the driveway, dancing with every colour of the rainbow, a pet dog just sitting there looking at them like they’re […]

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On horses and carriages.

You don’t even need to scratch the surface to find a load of bollocks about weddings on the internet. Christ knows how much time is spent trawling the cyber-aisles looking for advice and ideas and venues and do’s and don’t and endless ways of emptying your bank account just in the pursuit of the perfect wedding day. […]

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