Maybe not so special anymore.

You know what? I think I’ve just about had enough of Prince Harry. He’s supposed to be the good one, isn’t he? He’s supposed to give the royal family a chance; make you think they’re worth having around. That they’ve still got that something special. It’s not as if there’s a lot of competition out […]

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Fair game. Every time.

If we take it as a given that no reality/competition TV show can ever truly hold my fragile, pathetic attention then at least give The Apprentice a bit of credit for doing better than most. Strictly Come Dancing came and went pretty quickly because it’s just 2 people dancing again and again and again with […]

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Bless they/them.

I suppose you have to feel sorry for Sam Smith. He’s ever so confused. Perhaps we should set up a hotline. A help hotline just for Sam Smith. He’d call up whenever he’s extra confused and he’d be on the other end of the line because realistically only he knows how to solve his own […]

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Home, bitter home.

Still waters run deep. That’s probably a fact. Behind every privet hedge and polished letterbox who knows what dangers lurk? Things are never quite what they seem and if you spend a lot of your life looking over your shoulder there’s probably a very good reason, though that doesn’t ever necessarily mean it’s your fault. […]

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On hidden treasure.

Great news everyone! Amidst all the unbearable dross that fills our everyday lives (you name it, it’ll probably be dross) a small nugget of wonder has finally been given the recognition it deserves, or at least it will do in November. One of the truly great albums of any time is getting the full on, […]

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Back, sack or crack.

A witless blend of our current political mess (which one would imagine could be none more fucked, but in doing so would be wrong) and thinking of a good title first and then working backwards. Hey, who’s that tough guy over there? Bruce Lee? Charles Bronson (either one works well enough)? Tony Montana? No it’s […]

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