Decisions, decisions.

So, another election. Another vote. Six weeks of comment and analysis and discourse and predictions and arguments and information and misinformation and lies and testicles. Lots of testicles, sorry, bollocks. If you gathered together every pair of bollocks that came out of the back door of every slaughterhouse in the world (destined for a hot […]

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How does he cope?

Oh Christ, I don’t what I’m not looking forward to the least: Halloween, Christmas or a general election. Halloween is a waste of effort, M&S seem to think Christmas Day is tomorrow and never in the history of British politics have there been so many people who deserve so few votes than right now. Still, […]

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Sunday morning TV catch up.

I feel I’ve written something exactly like this before. If so then sincere apologies. Like the subject involved I made no promise to be either original or good.   While Wifey sits in the living room sorting out her toot and flotsam and watching the ever decreasing circle of entertainment that is Strictly Come Dancing […]

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One possible future.

Knowing what we know and hearing what we hear and doing what we do and seeing what we see can anyone explain the point of Extinction Rebellion? As a movement it seems about as universally useful as the one I had in the bathroom this morning. Who does it serve? Well, it strikes me that […]

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On friendship and stuff.

Sometimes you have to say goodbye. Sometimes you can’t have what you want. We really, really wanted our friends to stay but off they went anyway, off back across the Irish Sea, back where they came from. Of course a cynic would have quite a grim view of all this. They came to succour at […]

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On Miles Davis.

It’s been 60 years since Miles Davis released ‘Kind Of Blue’. People will tell you that it’s the best jazz album ever but they’re wrong. It’s a very, very good jazz album but it’s not the best ever and it’s not even Miles Davis’ best album. If you’re going to celebrate ‘Kind Of Blue’ then […]

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Sound of mind and body.

A hastily conceived mashup of ideas that can only be posted today. For better or (more likely) for worse.   Today is/has been World Mental Health Day. In case you were worried that you should have been doing something about it let me be the first to sooth your furrowed brow. You didn’t need to […]

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Your review counts.

Hasty, hasty, writey monkey.   Last month we celebrated Wifey’s 21st birthday (ballpark figure) and we finished a day of gathering and celebration at a restaurant called ‘Scoff and Banter’ in Bloomsbury. In all fairness the place did us proud and no one person was more responsible for that than a charming lady called Valentina […]

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For Harry, in the loft.

How much do you know about hippos? Come on, don’t be shy, the answer can’t be nothing, surely. Surely you must know at least one thing about hippos. There should be a  law or something that says everyone needs to be armed with at least one cast iron hippo fact by the time they reach […]

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