The Last Funny Australian.

Until yesterday I could have safely counted the number of funny Australians on the thumb of one hand. Now there are none. Funny is not what Australians do. They’re too rugged and practical and when they do try funny it just comes out clunky and awkward, and when that doesn’t work they just get uptight […]

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Oh, the complex life!

“I would say I have a very complex life. I’m sure we all have complex lives. But I can’t talk about absolutely how complex it is.”   Go on, have a guess. Aren’t you intrigued? I mean, for starters it’s quite a heavy statement to be trying to tackle: the complexities of just one life. […]

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On glorious gangsters.

A week from now The Irishman comes out on Netflix: finally I can start making some money back. If you’ve already seen it then don’t spoil the ending for me (let me guess – someone gets whacked). If you have no idea what I’m talking about you may wish to pan away and find something […]

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On gathering dust.

Yesterday we went to an antiques fair. I’ve certainly been to antique shops before. I’ve even been to a small selection of antique emporia (little difference to a shop), but I’ve never been to an antiques fair. And for that I must reflect and thank someone for 43 years of good fortune. I have a […]

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