Notes from the back line.

I’ve written nothing for over a week. This is not a good sign. I mean, I may be working from home but that doesn’t mean I should just put writing on the back burner altogether. I would like to be able to tell you what I do for a living but I doubt you’d be […]

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Just forget about Yesterday.

This is the problem with not doing so much during the day. You get rusty, and though it hasn’t been ages since my last post it still feels like ages. This is also the problem with every day bleeding into the next until for all you know you’ve been living in a hole in the […]

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Tell you wot……

I reckon I must no a lot more than wot the WHO nos. You no the WHO. Not the band wots called the WHO but that bunch of doctors and whatevers who get all ladeeda and bang on about loads of stuff about healf and stuff like that. They no fuckin nuffin if you ask […]

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The gift of carbonara.

To celebrate my 300th post I am going to give you a present: my recipe for carbonara. I’m no cook but I can rustle together a few things. I can make chicken taste better with mustard, chilli flakes and honey. I can do something very salty but quite yummy with salmon, soy sauce, chilli flakes […]

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The Karate Kid vs Coronavirus.

It must be happening any minute now, I reckon. I mean, we’ve had to wait quite a while as it is, so surely now’s as good a time as any? Frankly if it doesn’t happen soon then its all being a bit irresponsible. It’s like a divorced dad saying he’s going to pick his kids […]

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The Coronavinyl Revival. Part 4.

Is it Part 4 already? Well I never. If ever you needed some guidance it’s now. According to those who do the adding up the most streamed song from 1999 is ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ by Toploader. This is a song distinguished purely by its own complete mastery of awful. It is the musical equivalent […]

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