On the bright side.

They reckon that all this being locked indoors is going to be the spark that lights millions of creative fires across the world and that our inner artists will be unleashed for all to behold. That might be the case, but so far all I can see are some lame rainbows stuck in front windows […]

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Due to coronavirus.

Surely the three most redundant words on the planet right now. Used to cap off every headline and every shock statistic and every grim revelation with every sincere face every second of every minute of every hour of every day. The crap out there is just running on a loop and at some point something […]

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The Coronavinyl Revival. Part 2.

Working from home has been more time consuming than I had imagined and what I thought would be a ripe opportunity for writing has quietly dribbled past. But I’m up to date right now and so shall continue my Coronavinyl Revival whereby I drift aimlessly through my vinyl collection while you yawn and go back […]

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