On Hurricane Laura.

Hurricane Laura is coming. To be more accurate Hurricane Laura is here, if by here you mean there and if by there you mean Louisiana, one of the more delightfully named US states. Hurricanes are always given names, perhaps to make them seem more human, but also because saying you survived Hurricane 3772F doesn’t have […]

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Tool Britannia.

Last night I had some very strange dreams indeed. I think my mind is starting to readjust to the looming spectre of having to live in what someone else has decided to call a ‘new normal’; sharpening itself so I can sharpen myself in turn. There’s nothing to get you on your toes quite like […]

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Driverless or brainless.

It’s the question that’s been on everyone’s lips all year, the question that has consumed our every waking hour and filled our dreams at night. It is a question that needs an answer and the answer has become a holy grail for as many as 17 people globally. And that question is…….? Will we find […]

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Wherefore art thou, Gavin?

Oh, Gavin. You twat. Like most people who have proper lives I only heard about Gavin Williamson when he managed to hustle himself into the job of Defence Secretary a couple of years ago, judging that Theresa May was at that point so weak she would have let Peter Sutcliffe fill the role if it […]

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Fabulous feathery buttered nuts.

If you haven’t seen it already then I think you’re in for a treat. In an age where overhype is apparently the only viable form of cultural currency, all that we usually get in exchange is disappointment, and that leaves us cynical, disillusioned and worst of all with lower standards. Praise be then, to ‘The […]

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A big bunch of burnished balls.

If there is one sport that could easily have continued as usual this year, albeit without an audience, then snooker would have been a contender. There’s enough space and very few reasons for any contact whatsoever; the players literally have sticks to keep themselves away from each other. Only one person touches the balls most […]

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As easy as BCD.

My my, all this fuss about exam grades. Lots of huffing and a similar amount of puffing and nobody seems to know what to do. Some will have got lucky and ended up with grades slightly better than they deserved and according to a few this means that while they may have once had aspirations […]

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I can’t even have cheese?!

I can’t tell you how elated I am to be in Ireland just as it’s reaching another temperature spike back home. I’m only half joking – when it hits 37 celcius at this time of year it is usually heavy heat, stifling, oppressive and unpleasant but instead right now we’re experiencing another day of piddly […]

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The ice skating crisis.

I’ve been cycling this morning, the first time I’ve riden a bike since I can’t remember when. Maybe in my late 20’s, which means at least 15 years. Getting back on a bike and riding it was, as the cliche goes, just like riding a bike and memories flooded back of being able to cycle […]

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