Fossil fuel for thought.

You probably don’t know Lily Wilder. I don’t even know Lily Wilder. Mind you she’s a four year old girl who lives in Wales, so why should I? I know of her though. She’s made it into the news thanks to her razor sharp sense of sight, a sense of sight which helped her spot […]

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How smart is smart?

At least the snow has timed it right for once: most of us aren’t allowed to leave the house and now most of us can’t leave the house. It’s probably a good thing because in these kinds of conditions everyday actions can be treacherous. Just take driving; it’s in conditions like this that you wouldn’t […]

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Random bag of bits.

When in doubt you can always read the news for a good dose of dozy. Allow me to guide you around a few gems from today. As if to prove that people can’t be sensible regardless of how many old people are dropping dead we have a 400 strong wedding party broken up by police. […]

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Moody Blues.

You would think there might be more important things to consider in this dark time we’re going through. Monday wasn’t just Monday but rather the mythical ‘Blue Monday’: the worst, most depressing and soulless day of the year, according to the calculations of a few bods with too much time on their hands. What they […]

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Not much out of nothing.

I can’t think of anything to write. It’s becoming a serious problem. Seriously. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration because you could write about anything at all but the trick is to make it worth reading. So what I really mean is I can’t think of anything to write about that is worth your time and […]

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Son of a fu*@ing lockdown.

For fuck’s sake. Or as those pesky acronym monkeys would have it – FFS! Stupid people everywhere. Shall we just pop out to Regent’s Street to see the Christmas lights? Yes, let’s, I bet no one else will be bothering. And there you have it. A month later and we’re in another bloody, fucking lockdown […]

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