….and so he’s finished.

He’s been doing it for 18 years, amazingly. Not that he’s amazing, it’s just that it’s amazing his bosses have spent 18 long years thinking they couldn’t do any better; though we may have to see who they do find as a replacement before we can say there is better out there for sure. Even […]

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What lies ahead.

I stumbled across an episode of ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’ this morning. It must have been an early one because it featured the original cast looking remarkably sprightly; that is to say the cast I remember from my childhood when I would watch it on a Sunday evening, pretending I had done all my […]

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His silence ever welcome.

I’m stuck between two pieces on television and so, through sheer weight of logic, I’d like to write about Glenn Medeiros instead. Who could forget Glenn Medeiros? Certainly if you listened to popular music in the late 80’s there was a brief spell when you couldn’t possibly escape him. His calling card of course was […]

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A double if you dare.

Fine. I’m tired of hearing you ask. If it’ll shut you up I’ll write a post about double albums, though quite why you’re so desperate for one is beyond me. By chance I was chatting to a chum recently about music and they said they had just purchased a copy of The Verve’s ‘Urban Hymns’ […]

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Why The A-Team matter.

This afternoon I’ve been working, except for the bits when I’ve been watching an episode of The A-Team. I have long assumed that The A-Team was the reason the television was invented. We often rush to praise John Logie Baird for his sterling work in creating the first electronic device capable of illuminating and rotting […]

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How low can it go?

I don’t know what it’s like to have depression. I don’t wish to know either. Like back pain it is one of those ailments that is easy to roll your eyes at, until the day you get one or the other and then perhaps you may wish you had been a touch more sympathetic. I […]

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