A shot in the arm

I’ve just had my first jab. Big sister said I shouldn’t call it that, I think because it undermines the true gravity of the situation but, when it comes down to it, it is still just a jab; and I might add that writing ‘vaccination’ every time takes nearly four times as long. I’m afraid […]

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Dark candles.

Wish. Wash. Wishy, wishy. Wash, wash. Wishy washy wishy washy. Wish. Wash. Did you stand outside with a candle last night? I did, but I wish I hadn’t. After all that pretty pointless hand clapping and pan clanging that punctuated those warm Thursday nights last year and then that even less convincing Boris special edition […]

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How we passed on the past.

We’re supposed to learn from history, aren’t we? That’s what most historians tell us (maybe not all – David Irving, for instance, is not the kind of historian you should spend a lot of time paying attention to) – that we should reflect on history and learn from the success and failure of those that […]

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Ex Royal Flush.

In the end I gave it a go. At first I thought I was watching an extended sequence of adverts punctuated by clips of some rich people moaning on a planet where no-one really knew what the real world was like. I went in early with my predictions and now I’m coming back late, four […]

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Blood. Sex. Magic.

The first series was not much more than a solid distraction, the second a second opinion, and by the third I was committed. It was still a slightly uneasy commitment but by half way through series four I was properly hooked and quite unable to recognise myself anymore. Addiction turned to smitten by the fifth […]

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All the dead horses.

There is a particularly stupid story that has caught my attention this week; all about a horse and a twat. I like horses, but I couldn’t care less about riding them. I once spent a thoroughly miserable afternoon pony trekking on a PGL, and hated every minute of it. My pony could sense my fear, […]

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