Pets at home. or not.

Just imagine being a lockdown dog. At first it must have been a thrill. Those dogs must have felt so special, so loved. I bet they didn’t even realise how expensive they’d started to get; stupid humans paying stupid money for a pet they thought they couldn’t possibly live without. Of all the pets you […]

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SORRY – WE CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT REVIEWS FOR THIS ACCOMODATION. Villa Morales Soberbio. 2.5/5 Stars. Tom Conti. Posted: 13.08.2021. Oh dear. Arrived to find the place swarming with workman and flies. Apparently, Sr Morales is in a spot of bother and there was no sign of his wife either. The pool looked like it […]

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The famous and the dead.

What was Alec Baldwin thinking? I mean, he only went and fired a gun because someone told him he could, the silly sod. There is surely some form of irony tinkling away when a massive celebrity story hits the news and it turns out to be about someone in America being shot by accident. I […]

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Adele’s Fourth movement.

If you’re a music lover of a certain persuasion you will doubtless be touching yourself frantically in anticipation of the huge drop scheduled for this Friday. In a way it’s a shame it’s not a Friday the 13th as that would offer some additional poetry to the occasion, but as far as everything else is […]

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Suited up.

I wrote almost all of this sitting in the car in a queue for petrol at half five this morning. The wait wasn’t worth it because the petrol wasn’t there. But at least I got this done. Silver linings. Unless you think it’s crap. But then more fool you for reading it. It feels like […]

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