That’s meditation.

Note to consumer: This mindfulness meditation guide is not affiliated with any internationally, nationally or locally recognized mindfulness meditation body or organisation and any positive mindfulness or meditative benefits you might experience from it are purely coincidental. To extract the very highest level of inner peacefulness from this exercise you should read it very slowly […]

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a snot of bother.

I’ve been semi out of action for the last week or so. I’ve functioned on some levels but not on others, and that’s because I’ve been ill. All that mask wearing and avoiding people means our immune systems are shot to shit and so now that we have some ‘supercold’ (or is it super-cold, or […]

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A stroke of luck.

Hastily written, before fact becomes myth, and the myth gets printed instead. In other words: badly written. You know what it’s like. Winter driving. Don’t you? Everyone tends to forget how to drive in the dark and so they get cautious or they get dangerous. Slow or sloppy. So now the clocks have gone back […]

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