Ball’s to apostrophes’.

I was recently picked up on my use of apostrophe’s by a loved one, who I should add is also far wiser than me (not a towering achievement, I know). I’m not saying shes’ better than me at everything but if they ever send those letter’s out offering a place in a nuclear bunker because […]

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Card Anxiety.

Calendars I can do. Indeed, calendars I do do. Every year I rattle through the many, many photos I have taken of Miss Hairy Mary Miyagi, possibly the most photogenic (and reluctant) cat of all time, and select 13 of the least worst to grace her own bespoke calendar. These are very rare productions: one […]

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Care Home Christmas.

At the time of writing this I am sitting in a care home bedroom. If anywhere needs the spirit of Christmas to work a treat then it is the collected bedrooms of every care home across the land. Though even then the spirit of Christmas would end up fooling no one except, well, the spirit […]

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I Can’t Dance.

We were out for most of the day yesterday. But most of the day clearly wasn’t enough, because when we got back Strictly Come Dancing was still on, and that was a shame. Wifey has been typically consumed by it this year, but has been accommodating enough to watch it on catch-up and usually only […]

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Christmas with Mel Gibson.

I have decided after many seconds of consideration that Lethal Weapon is my favourite Christmas movie. At this time of year, every single year, we get treated to some unimaginative and samey list of the best ever Christmas movies (or “of all time”, as if to suggest that some of the movies made in the […]

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Jesus Christ Almighty?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Jesus lately. It’s probably why I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks – driven to distraction by Jesus. Surely it’s happened to us all at some point. Oh come on, you must have heard of Jesus! He was only around for thirty odd years but in that short […]

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plastic and crabs.

They call it “the Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. Not that it really needs or deserves proper noun status. It is great because of its size, not because it is great, and the people who call it that are probably limited to the small collective who spend most of their time staring at it from the […]

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Do you want your Christmas saved or not? Do you want to go to a Nativity play this year? Well, do you? Just answer the question: yes or no? Because if you do then you’d better listen very carefully to the following messages. First up is that we’ve been invaded again, this time from the […]

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