The Rock and the Roll.

You may not have heard of Taylor Hawkins. If you have then well done, you can expect a certificate in the post in the next 3-5 working days. Taylor Hawkins is the drummer with The Foo Fighters, or rather he was the drummer until he died. It was a sudden death, at the age of […]

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Local Parish Blues.

Mistakes likely – if the local parish newsletter can make them then so can I. Every few months my local parish council send me a newsletter. I assume they send out more than one, but if not then I consider myself very lucky. It’s basically everything you need to know about everything that’s going on, […]

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A Charmless THird.

They say that the third time’s a charm. They are wrong. Who listens to they anyway? I have been patient and held back my third consecutive entry for the AA Gill food writing award until now, two days after the winner was announced. You will have established even at this early point that the winner […]

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I was going to write a piece about Russian expansionist aggression, but then I started thinking about something that bothers me far more than that. I wonder to myself: with all the shit going on in the world at the moment do we really need Alan Titchmarsh? What is he for? Whom does he serve? […]

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