His Cross To Bear.

It’s that time of year again folks. A time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus. What a complete waste of time that was. He turned up, got hairy, told a few stories to make us feel better, died for our sins, came back to life, realised we were a lost cause and […]

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A Coronavirus Coda.

It feels like ages since I wrote about the coronavirus. It has been ages. I can’t even remember the last time. Whenever it was, I’ve had it since. It was so mild that I didn’t bother to finish the post I was writing about it. Why bother boring you with notes on an experience so […]

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Out In The Cold.

I’ve seen some real celebrity crap in my time. Glued, without any real reason, to the box, watching third rate celebrities happily whoring themselves out to the highest bidder to take part in some dreadful challenge or experience; sometimes for a bit of fun and sometimes for something someone in a board room thought would […]

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Three Little paragraphs.

So he got ten years. Perhaps my post from yesterday helped. Will Smith must be delighted – ten years and he doesn’t have to attend a single Oscars ceremony. Perhaps he did it on purpose. Of course, this sets a precedent and now everyone will have the same idea: anything to avoid having to attend […]

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The name of his wife.

I don’t know why I’ve written this. It’s as relevant as writing about nothing at all. What a stupid line to say – “take my wife’s name out of your mouth”. Certainly stupid enough to not need repeating. Which is why he said it again. I know I’m more than a week late, but who […]

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Praha Haha.

Ooooh, Prague’s lovely! That’s what they’ll tell you. It’s what everyone says. Such a beautiful city, like all the other beautiful cities. With it’s narrow, winding lanes and broad, tree lined parades and historic, charismatic streets. It’s got some alleyways too. Never forget the alleyways. Great cities always have a network of charmed, twisting alleyways […]

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