Give It A Sly Look.

Apologies in advance, you’ve already missed the shipping deadline. In case you hadn’t noticed it’s almost Christmas. With only two days left everyone is going in for that last desperate rush to make this Christmas as perfect as the one before, a job made much easier by the fact that a perfect Christmas is an […]

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On Strike.

What do we want? Better working conditions and a pay rise in line with inflation to offset the spike in living costs due to higher energy prices as a result of the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s Russia in an attempt to wrestle back some of the lands he believes were wrongly granted independence […]

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Silly Old Hussey.

Lady Susan Hussey, what’s she like?! One minute she’s offering advice on how to eat an apple properly or how to float out of a room backwards and the next she’s abusing a black stranger. Typical, really. This, after all, is the woman who became the Queen’s longest serving lady in waiting, which therefore surely […]

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