A Fox In The Grass.

I’m thinking of adopting a fox. Not like the animals you can adopt at a zoo. At the zoo they say to the kids: come on, adopt a hippo or a penguin or a lion, but they don’t mean it really. Instead, what they mean is that you essentially pay for the food bill and […]

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The dying art.

The trick to dying is making a good job of your timing. James Dean timed his death very poorly – firmly on the way up and at that time in his life easily one of the coolest human beings in existence; he must have been kicking himself. Vincent Van Gogh was the same, dust to […]

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I’ve had an idea for a song. It’s about freedom. No, it’s about community. No, it’s about triumph over adversity. No, it’s about cultural oppression. No, it’s about mental health issues. No, it’s about rainbows and machine guns. No, it’s about fear and friendship. No, it’s about world peace and Winnie Mandela’s favourite rent boy. […]

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On Coronation Nation.

I shall, I must confess, be watching some coronation stuff this weekend. I won’t watch all of it, because it’s true what they say when they say that life is too short, and because on a deep level I couldn’t really care less. But I won’t watch none of it because it is a rather […]

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Fit For A Queen.

I wish I had a pair of Freddie Mercury’s shorts. To be honest I’m surprised it’s not been one of my life goals from a very early age. Just imagine, I might have thought as a lad, what it must feel like to belong to a pair of shorts that once belonged to the lead […]

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