Dust to dust.

They’re funny things, funerals. Not ha-ha funny, clearly, and usually not weird funny either. Funerals and wakes. Just funny, odd, somehow counterintuitive when you think about it for too long. Not that I’m the man to ask about funerals. I’ve only been to three, and one of them was yesterday. Before that there was a […]

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What is it about ABBA? People just can’t seem to get enough of them. Not that I have a problem with ABBA, per se. Over the ten years they were together they produced some terrific pop, and I read the other day some ridiculous stats about their all conquering compilation ‘ABBA Gold’. I forget what […]


A sense of sense.

In the last few days we have managed to watch two films about being deaf. This was not all part of the plan. We haven’t suddenly decided to only watch films that revolve around the lives of those with hearing impairment and nor have we any particular desire to unlock the power of sign language, […]

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On Charlie Watts.

Charlie Watts probably wasn’t quite the best drummer the world has ever heard, but he was one of the best, and he may even go down as the greatest – which isn’t quite the same thing. Imagine what his life must have been like, spending as he did pretty much three quarters of it as […]

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Crying wolf.

Did you know that wolves have a sense of smell between 10,000 and 100,000 times more sensitive than humans? No, neither did I. It doesn’t help that it isn’t true. And how could you possibly know something that isn’t true. When I first heard it I felt compelled to start writing this immediately; it just […]

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Jeez (not sure that’s the best word), it sure looks busy in Afghanistan at the moment. I bet it’s hard to get a cup of coffee out there and drink it with a steady hand, what with all the accumulated shenanigans, tomfoolery and hi-jinks. What a palaver! Don’t worry, I know it’s serious: if I […]

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A bit of Olympics.

Earlier on today I found myself watching the Olympics, as I have found myself doing so much over the last couple of weeks. It just happened to be USA v Australia in the women’s beach volleyball final, and for all that’s been said about the atmosphere at these games to be honest I didn’t really […]

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Four wheeled fool.

I’m in the process, the grubby, thoroughly dissatisfying process of buying a car at the moment. I was not born to cope with the negotiations and labyrinthine unwritten rules of buying a car and nor was I born to be the sort to win against a salesman. Such is my utter lack of stomach for […]

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A dressage message.

Warning: contains needless profanity, because it needs it. I told you I’d be watching quite a lot of sport now the Olympic Games have started. I’ve stayed up late, once by accident and once on purpose, to watch various stages of two triathlons. I’ve watched people swimming up and down in straight lines for quite […]

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All eyes on Qatar.

Now that the dust has settled on the not really all that tragic at all tragedy of not winning the European Cup it is surely time to look forward and be positive. After all it’s the first time we’ve nearly done as well as we did 55 years ago, and in terms of nearly doing […]

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