Comedy of unforced errors.

We’ve been out to play tennis today. Me and Wifey bashing balls about, with scant adherence to the rules one might have seen in other major tennis events such as Wimbledon. In fact, in terms of tennis as a sport our little concrete court caper was about as far from Wimbledon as you can get […]

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The genius of faith.

It’s here again, regular as clockwork, except for when it’s particularly early or surprisingly late. Or both. I can’t remember how they work out the dates for Easter; He Is Risen, but times may vary. I think it’s got something to do with establishing when the recycling collection goes back to normal after Christmas and […]

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Behold the inevitable.

Crikey, I bet you’re glad you don’t live in France. They’ve really cocked it up over there with their sceptical opinion of the AstraZeneca vaccine and their reluctance to give up their much treasured liberty – a liberty that they somewhat pompously (it is noted that just writing the words ’somewhat pompously’ automatically sounds somewhat […]

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A shot in the arm

I’ve just had my first jab. Big sister said I shouldn’t call it that, I think because it undermines the true gravity of the situation but, when it comes down to it, it is still just a jab; and I might add that writing ‘vaccination’ every time takes nearly four times as long. I’m afraid […]

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Dark candles.

Wish. Wash. Wishy, wishy. Wash, wash. Wishy washy wishy washy. Wish. Wash. Did you stand outside with a candle last night? I did, but I wish I hadn’t. After all that pretty pointless hand clapping and pan clanging that punctuated those warm Thursday nights last year and then that even less convincing Boris special edition […]

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How we passed on the past.

We’re supposed to learn from history, aren’t we? That’s what most historians tell us (maybe not all – David Irving, for instance, is not the kind of historian you should spend a lot of time paying attention to) – that we should reflect on history and learn from the success and failure of those that […]

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Ex Royal Flush.

In the end I gave it a go. At first I thought I was watching an extended sequence of adverts punctuated by clips of some rich people moaning on a planet where no-one really knew what the real world was like. I went in early with my predictions and now I’m coming back late, four […]

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Blood. Sex. Magic.

The first series was not much more than a solid distraction, the second a second opinion, and by the third I was committed. It was still a slightly uneasy commitment but by half way through series four I was properly hooked and quite unable to recognise myself anymore. Addiction turned to smitten by the fifth […]

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All the dead horses.

There is a particularly stupid story that has caught my attention this week; all about a horse and a twat. I like horses, but I couldn’t care less about riding them. I once spent a thoroughly miserable afternoon pony trekking on a PGL, and hated every minute of it. My pony could sense my fear, […]

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