On stupidity.

On stupidity.


Hello. How-do? This is really just a welcome mat if you like, to explain that I spent several hours tossing about on the internet like a caveman yesterday setting up my own WordPress blog so I could pump out this kind of directionless, dolting diatribe at will and if the stars aligned it might find an audience among those who have never seen any other form of writing and can therefore not compare it unfavourably to anything else they’ve not read. Does that make sense? No. At first I wanted ‘whybother.com’ or ‘slowdecline.com’ but both were taken so I sat for a while and settled on ‘onstupidity.com’ though ‘the wife’ hit a seam of transcendent brilliance with something like ‘i’m a miserable moaning arsehole.com’. Thanks very much.

Everyone is stupid. Everyone does stupid things. Everyone. Which is why the world is so great, because let’s face it laughter is good for you, so imagine how little laughter there would be if people didn’t cut their fingers while grating cheese, or set fire to themselves or ask fat women when their due date is. Without stupid old humans doing stupid things we’d all be living a far more miserable life and the world is already buggered enough to contemplate that fate. So this little blog is really just a way of celebrating (?) stupidity and the other flaws which make us slightly less evolved than we think we are. Sometimes this must be done in a harsh tone, people should understand how stupid they are, or over rated, or talentless, or rubbish and so on. I am painfully useless on many levels and admit it now, to save anyone the bother of pointing it out. The catalogue of breath-taking stupidity I can put my name to is almost immeasurable, though I’d like to think there is a least one person who could beat it. If you read enough of these posts you’ll notice my grammar can be iffy, my punctuation a bit off, and my tendency to repeat favourite phrases and words quite annoying. Anyway (there’s one for starters) stupidity is brilliant because it keeps us all in check and it is broadly speaking a human construct. Before humans came along there weren’t shopping hellholes called The Arndale Centre, or life wasting traffic jams because some idiot suddenly forgot how to drive, and you can bet my arse and yours that tigers didn’t pull their own teeth and claws out then sit on a kitchen stool for the entertainment of Chinese circus fans. They actually do that. To tigers. The close to extinct in the wild tigers. The very happy-with-their-lot until we came along tigers. Human beings can be beyond stupid like this, and in doing so enter the arena of the truly, unforgivably shitty bastards.

I’ve just been fiddling with fonts and looked at the word count and remembered that I had promised myself to limit this piece to 500 words and as a result I may have to suddenly stop

G.B. Hewitt 18.10.2015 (that doesn’t count)

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