Not so sweet home.

Includes disturbing words and stuff. Just so you know.


You have to worry about humankind sometimes. We try to project ourselves as some kind of super species and yet we are capable of burning up every ounce of potential we have in selected moments of utter backwardness. Take, for instance, the ruling in Alabama that abortions should only be allowed if the pregnancy seriously threatens the life of the mother. That’s the only get out clause they can offer y’all down in sweet ol’ Alabamy; a state so lame that their biggest city is called Birmingham. Alabama doesn’t have an official nickname but is sometimes referred to as the ‘Heart of Dixie’, which arguably tells you all you need to know. I have no doubt that there are some perfectly respectable, lucid residents of this state but it’s definitely worth questioning the sanity of the rest and the people who run it.

Alabama is one of the states of one of the richest and most developed countries in the world and yet they have decided that almost no woman can ever legally have an abortion and so have pressed for a law which will effectively and especially screw up the lives of the poor; and most likely the black a little bit extra on top of that. Take a look at the senators who have passed this. Go online and take a look at their smiling white faces and tell me if that’s what progression and compassion and having good Christian values looks like. Because I’ll bet my house (not really) that they will all be God fearin’, bible bashin’, chicken fuckers to the very last man (they’re all men, of course, and so know nothing about the responsibility of bearing a child). These are titchy minded fools called things like Del, Garlan, Clay, Cam, Shay, Clyde and Donnie. I only omitted Randy because Randy Newman is an American genius.

These fucking morons have such regressive, antiquated and misinformed opinions pumped into them from birth that they genuinely think it is wrong to get an abortion in the state of Alabama, even if one falls pregnant as a result of rape or incest. That’s right, rape or incest. It takes a special type of idiot to even think about these things. Have any of these knuckleheads even tried to imagine what it must feel like to carry around a foetus for nine months because of rape? That is a staggering concept not to have contemplated and it is a grievously dangerous thing to have overlooked. And as for incest well there are two ways of looking at that. Firstly, any pregnancy as a result of consensual incest could only occur between two very screwed up individuals in the first place, quite possibly the kind of people who think of incest as a right, or perhaps a family perk. They’re fucked up in a way so special it hurts me just to think about the kind of hell they might deserve if there was one to go to. And secondly it is well worth bearing in mind that (and I’m just using my common sense here) most incest which leads to pregnancy is very likely to be as a result of rape anyway, and surely on the big list of very wrong things that a human being can do incest rape must come really, really high.

The new Alabama abortion law was just one of the topics I wanted to address here but I started with it and just got angrier as I’ve gone along and so the other subjects will have to wait or be discarded. I’ve realised what a hard subject it is to write about and I doubt I’ve come anywhere near doing it justice. Even writing some of the words brings pain a little bit each time. I wonder what they would think? Those self contained, sanctimonious pricks. Come on Cam. Come on Del and Clyde and Donnie. What would you do if a member of your family became pregnant as a result of rape? Even worse, rape by a man who was a family member. Even worse still someone of ‘the wrong colour’? Would you hold hands around the dinner table and thank God for delivering that child to your family? Would you accept the law that you were an integral part of making and hold that baby as if it were you own? Nurture it and clothe and feed it and go on family holidays with it? I doubt it. I’ve always wanted to visit America and I love the idea of experiencing just what it feels like “in the heat of the day, down in Mobile, Alabama” but it’s fucking cretins like Garlan and Shay and Randy too, and every thick fucknut they represent that makes me kind of think I might just give the ‘Home of Dixie’ a miss. Bastards.

G B Hewitt. 16.05.2019

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